Validating email address javascript

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Validating email address javascript

An example of this is an input parameter for a DNS name that must be resolvable for the parameter to pass validation.Note that this is only possible to validate a single parameter and not a collection.This depends on what kind of input you anticipate or want to accept: You may encounter any of these scenarios when receiving input from another cmdlet.You can now gracefully handle any of these values by adding all three to the parameter validation for $Computer Name.

The [Validate Script()] parameter validation attribute allows you to define your own custom parameter validation.You may also want to limit the possible values of a parameter for only a few options.For example, if you were writing a script that set ACLs on a file, you may want to limit the $Action parameter to Allow or Deny.You were taught that your program should nicely tell the user what was wrong and how to fix the problem.You may have ended up writing thousands of lines of code to cover every possible scenario where the user could mess up the input.

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For numeric input, you may want to limit the acceptable digits.

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