Updating xml using javascript

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Updating xml using javascript

To download Office, Share Point, and Exchange SP1 products, see the following: For projects created before the release of v1.1 of the Java Script API for Office and add-in manifest schema, you can update a project's files using the Nu Get Package Manager, and then update your add-in's HTML pages to reference them.Note that the update process is applied on a Note After updating the version of the add-in manifest schema to 1.1, you will need to remove the Capabilities and Capability elements, and replace them with either the Hosts and Host elements or the Requirements and Requirement elements.

The way around this is to do the following; You could make this a anonymous function if you like.

We want it to be in the format "HH: MM: SS XX", where XX is either "AM" or "PM" (assuming we're after a 12-hour clock format).

First we'll add a leading zero to the minutes and seconds values, if required: , to "AM" or "PM" as appropriate, and subtract 12 from the hours component, if required, to convert it to 12-hour format.

Dissi hm, I saw the article and I think I have followed the guidelines but I'm still getting errors. I put an alert after I load current Time and it tells me invalid date.

The date I'm loading into the variable is formatted as follows: '2011,06,23,09,18,23'.

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