Updating facebook descriptions via iphoto 09 richard gutierrez angel locsin dating

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Updating facebook descriptions via iphoto 09

This is where it's important to remember that you could very well be deleting the only version of an image that you have.After all, the original that was on the camera’s flash storage device is long gone, which means the image in your library may be the only one that exists.

More than likely, you've gone through your Photos or i Photo Library a few times, and deleted images you decided you no longer needed.

First, just as with the i Photo or Aperture app, Photos supports multiple libraries.

If you've created additional libraries, they need to be backed up, just like the default Photos Library.

If you've imported some or all of your photos into either the Photos app (OS X Yosemite and later) or the i Photo app (OS X Yosemite and earlier), then you should be backing up your Photos or i Photo Library on a regular basis.

Image libraries are so important that I recommend maintaining multiple backups, using different backup methods, just to ensure you never lose really important memories.

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