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Speed dating bristol ram

The Bristol aircraft company was also, like Hawker Siddeley and Avro Canada, one of the few manufacturers producing both engines and aircraft, although they were forced, by the British government, to abandon aircraft and concentrate on engines, after the enormous Bristol Brabazon was cancelled.

They too, through the genius of Stanley Hooker and Charles Grinyer and others, were producing jet engines and turboprop engines in the early 1950s.

The interesting thing is, it is “rumoured” that the J-75 was simply their old J-57 from behind the compressor to the nozzle, and used, essentially, the J-67 (or Olympus) compressor section.

It seems reasonable to assume that, if not the original intent, “acquiring” Olympus technology for American manufacturers became the end result.

The Americans were very keen on this engine at first, and had Curtis-Wright embark on developing an afterburning license-built version of the Olympus.

It was slated to go into a variety of US aircraft at the time, including the F-106, the XF-103, and, I believe, the F-108.

Easton desperately wanted this weapon, and went about seeing if Canada could take over the development.

It was also to incorporate a radar altimeter, which would have allowed terrain following and would, with the ground mapping capability, have given the Arrow serious bombing capabilities.

This required the aircraft to keep pointing its radar at the target, meaning, generally, the launching aircraft had to keep closing on the target, potentially exposing it to the target’s own defensive weapons.

In other words, Sparrow 2D was a far more advanced concept.

THE CURTISS-WRIGHT J-67 ENGINE FOR THE ARROW In the 1940s and early 1950s the British were far ahead of the Americans in jet-engine design.

Armstrong Siddeley Motors, a member of the Hawker Siddeley Group, produced several axial-flow jet engines which were license-produced by US manufacturers, especially for US Navy use where they were probably more British engines flying than American.

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THE SPARROW 2D MISSILE First of all, the Sparrow 2D was an active guidance weapon, or, in the jargon of our times, a “fire and forget” missile.

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