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I felt totally alone in my struggle with masturbation.As I matured into young adulthood, I tried multiple times to try to quit.I can’t tell you exactly why I started, but as a young teenage girl, I found myself habitually masturbating.Before I fully even understood what I was doing, I sensed instinctively that what I was doing was not right.It’s not easy because we are constantly tempted to believe that everything is fine, we don’t need Jesus, we can get by on our own.But why would we want to try to get by on our own, when Jesus offers us His grace, which heals us of our wounds and empowers us to live virtuously?

If you struggle with the sin of masturbation, there are three things I want you to know: Since I’ve asked Jesus to heal me of this sin and give me the strength to overcome it, I’ve been empowered to share my struggle with other girls I’ve encountered, and if they haven’t struggled with the same sin themselves, they fully understand.As if I didn’t instinctively feel damaged enough because of the habit I’d allowed myself to develop, I also grew to believe that I was the only girl who struggled with this.I let myself believe that something was wrong with me, that I was less female than other girls, that I was broken.I’ve never admitted this sin to anyone and seen them shudder or scoff — anyone I’ve shared this with has always responded with love and understanding.The sin of masturbation is a temporary and flawed response to the desire for infinite love that we all have in our hearts.

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