Nigeria best forum dating site Where can i chat with older women without registration

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I'm Romeo pretty new on here am seeking a soul mate whom i can spend my life with am caring, loving, honest, faithful, loyal, love to gym, love to play with my dog, don't smoke, don't do drugs, drink occasionally, need I am a very honest person with passion and zeal to make new friends and like spending my time on reading, researching, traveling, watching movies, football etc. I am an engineering university graduate with much interest I am a nice and cool. I spend my time in work and reading, writing and listening to the current affairs news and I like tea very much. goodmy hair is black, average in body size, am dark in color, average in height, my clothes are casual sometimes modern, sometimes conservative depends on the occasion and situation. This way they are not worried if there membership is deleted, as they now hope to get their messages at their outside e-mail address.If a member should respond to this scammer, the scammer will then proceed with his or her scheme.Though this should address the majority of scams, there are still those that will hang around on a site and build relationships with multiple members.This is why you should try to pick a chat, dating or social networking site that has free video chat available.This is why it is so important that online users are well educated and informed. Most scammers will simply log into a dating or social networking site, and send a generic message to members that fit particular criteria.

Assuming the dating site is free, you should keep your first few exchanges on the site itself.Although there is a lot of recent talk of Nigeria and the Ivory Coast, the reality is these scammers (I refrain to call them scam artists, as there is little if any artistry in it) are located in numerous countries around the world.As a result, addressing this problem is not always as simple as blocking visitors (IPs) from just one or two countries.The goal of all these schemes is to either have you send them money, or to provide them with personal information (example: banking information).Many scammers will come up with unique and incredible stories to try to appeal to your romantic or sympathetic side.

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my best features are my hair and body I love traveling, basketball, reading and minding my business.

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