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Again these national profiles inspired no change in public health policy to cope with the challenge that infant /child mortality contains a large and substantial factor of homicide. Recognizing that many factors contribute to infant/child mortality rate, particularly those occurring in the 1930s, 1940s and mid-1950s, where uncontrolled infectious diseases played a significant role in these deaths, it was clear that the psychosocial factors of neglect and indifference that lead to homicide were permitted to manifest themselves in the later years of the 1960s. It is well documented that high affectional bonding in the maternal-infant/child relationship is highly predictive of cultures being peaceful or violent (homicidal and suicidal behaviors).

The Editorial Committee objected to this statement on the grounds that it applied only to a minority of the nations children and that, therefore, no note of urgency was justified. And "It was the mother who continuously carried the infant in skin-to-skin contact-stomach to stomach, chest to breast. What has happened along the evolutionary trail where human maternal violence against her offspring has suddenly emerged without any history of such behavior in the primate evolutionary record? Because of underreporting, the real numbers may be about twice this amount. These investigators reported: "A total of 10370 injury deaths were identified over the 9-year study period (29.72/100,0000 live births). From 7 to 27% of deaths attributed to unintentional injuries actually may have been due to child abuse or neglect. The leading causes of death were homicide, suffocations, motor vehicle crashes, and choking (inhalation of food or objects). The Quadrune Brain: Cerebellar Regulation of Emotional Behaviors. on 27-28 July 2009 made clear the vastness of the killings perpetrated by homo sapiens on members of its own species. No other life form on this planet perpetrates such violence against members of its own species than does Homo sapiens.

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