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Our site contains legal gay boys explicit gay material.We daily see new gay porn videos online for free viewing - Enjoy!As it stands, the PPACA is burdened by practical infirmities that render it unworkable and unfair. This combination of bad policy and inherently flawed management has had, and will have, consequences that render the law persistently unpopular. It should repeal the PPACA and focus on the fundamentals: reform of the tax treatment of health care; devolving health insurance regulation back to the states; and reform of the major health care entitlement programs of Medicare and Medicaid.The current tax treatment of health insurance is largely a relic of World War II wage and price controls.

In contrast, those who believe in a patient-centered, market-based approach to reform trust individuals, not the government, to be the key decision makers in the financing of health care.The PPACA makes unprecedented and unrealistic payment reductions to Medicare providers and Medicare Advantage plans in order to finance the law’s new spending on subsidized coverage for the non-Medicare population.The cuts amount to over 0 billion from 2013 to 2022.[18] If these draconian reductions take place as scheduled, they will significantly impact seniors’ ability to access treatments and the quality of their care.[19] With such a lackluster record, it is not surprising that public opposition to the law remains strong and consistent.Such a value-maximizing result can be achieved in health care only if the system is restructured to make the consumer the key decision maker.When individual consumers decide how the money is spent, either directly for medical care or indirectly through their health insurance choices, the incentives will be aligned throughout the system to generate better value—in other words, to produce more for less.

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