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The Foreclosure Review Division will be empowered to clear title to foreclosed properties, both for those foreclosed and for third-party purchasers, and will provide online and other assistance to pro se litigants. Worcester successfully ran a groundbreaking cash bond program for over 5 years and Lynn showed that pre-foreclosure mediation can result in mutually agreed upon affordable loan modifications leading to avoidance of foreclosure in 97% of cases. Sanchez Fact Sheet on this Bill ( PDF ) This Bill requires a commercial purchaser of a foreclosed home to rent it to the foreclosed homeowner until the property is sold to a new owner-occupant.It will free up regular court dockets and promote judicial economy. Preventing Unnecessary Vacancies (S841/H956) Sponsors: Sen. The former owners become tenants paying the HUD fair market rent for their units. to the clinics that have been scheduled across the state.Those fighting foreclosure can also call in any Sunday night, RIGHT NOW, we need you to be the arms and voices to reach folks who are alone, feeling isolated and ashamed.The Court finds Defendant Wells Fargo's attitude toward Plaintiffs unfathomable.

"Nevertheless, Fairbanks in a shocking display of corporate irresponsibility, repeatedly fabricated the amount of the Debtor's obligation to it out of thin air.What if thousands joined the fight and reversed the tide on the banks?Your getting the word out right now could make this a reality.There is no other explanation for the wildly divergent figures it concocted." 2002 WL 1586325 (Bankr. Mass.- 2002) Wells Fargos actions were not only highly reprehensible, but its subsequent reaction on their exposure has been less than satisfactory.There is a strong societal interest in preventing such future conduct through a punitive award. Wells Fargo 2012 Plaintiffs were severely damaged; Wells Fargo took its money and moved on, with complete disregard to the human damage left in its wake.

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