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Gubka bob 9 sezon online dating

He may believe that a hammer is best characterized by the swinging action, rather than the hammering sound.Or, he may recognize that swinging a rigid object with similar force could cause the tower to fall, so he makes a practical choice.As Oliver stands eye-level with the tower he likely observes the recessed contours along the edge.He understands that the empty notches will be filled when he adds another wooden piece.His tower at this point is a randomly placed pile of these wooden frames.

Oliver raises a wooden piece above his head and stands tall in order to add it to the top.

Each frame would have to be treated as simultaneously the one I don't want and the one I do want.

It is clear that Oliver was treating the frames as parts that he no longer wanted on his tower.

He brings another wooden piece over to the tower and sets it down close by Oliver’s reach ().

Oliver stands on the stool with the tower nearly eye-level.

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In this video clip, Oliver is stacking large wooden frames that can be securely fitted together by placing the legs of one frame into the notches in another frame.

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