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Wikipedia traces its origins to 2001, when a pair of bored college students, Jimbo Wales and Larry Sanger, decided that the same principles that made things like the graffiti on bathroom stalls great could also be applied to internet encyclopedias.Armed with a pretentious sense of self-righteousness and a can-do attitude, the two bright-eyed youngsters created their website, named "". Instead of learning from their mistake, though, Wales and Sanger decided to go the AIG route, and rename their idea while making no real changes to it.She may not like you for anything more than your ethnicity.It’s a very shallow attraction, and any Asian guy could probably do it for her.

By 2007, Wikipedia had become one of the top ten Web 2.0 websites, and today it has over three million articles, mostly about bands no one has ever heard of, one-time Naruto characters, and rare diseases mentioned in passing on House. It also has the most active users of any wiki since its very beginning, with currently over 200,000 more users than Uncyclopedia.

It’s refreshing, honestly, to be able to talk about Japanese bands, Korean actors, or Chinese pop and not have to go into any background information. But wait, let’s continue dissecting the psychology of this white girl…

They know what I’m talking about and are usually just as passionate, if not more so, than I am about it. This type of woman probably found her way into liking Asian guys via anime or Kpop and was influenced by these mediums to think that Asian men are a certain way. Essentially, these girls have fallen in love with the Hollywood ofthe East – they think that, since celebrities in South Korea or Japan are good-looking, the regular people must look that good, too.

Though most of them are bots, trolls or people with an agenda to push and the CIA.

Wikipedia currently contains three billion articles; 90% of them are either vanity, vandalism, capitalization redirects, conspiracy theories, cabal propaganda, lists of profanities in different languages, video games, video game sequels, video game tips and walkthroughs or a combination of two or more.

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She could love Korean movies because Asian Vengeance films have become their own genre on Netflix and she just picked them up one day.

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