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That may sound a little bit complicated, but it really just means that queer is a non-binary label that describes diverse gender identities and sexual orientations.The word queer can also be used as a way to reject the acronym “LGBT,” which some people feel is restricting.This is a great example of a non-binary sexual orientation.Other non-binary sexual orientations include, but are not limited to: queer, omnisexual, polysexual, fluid, homoflexible, lesbiflexible, and heteroflexible.These terms often mean different things to different people, and that’s okay!Make sure to ask questions and be respectful when learning about what each label means for each person.Remember, no one can decide how you identify except for you, because you know yourself best!

The reality is that bisexual people could fall anywhere on the sexuality spectrum, from asexual or biromantic (have little to no sexual attraction to others, at all) to very sexual and physical.That’s why there is such a broad spectrum of terms and identities available that help us talk about who we’re attracted to. In America, society uses a binary system to classify sex and gender into male/man and female/woman.In this section, we’ll talk about what it might mean to identify as bisexual, pansexual, queer, questioning, or other non-binary identities. However, we know that there are a ton of other genders and sexes that exist beyond those two things, like genderqueer, transgender, intersex, and more – that’s where the word “non-binary” comes in.Unfortunately, you can’t control how everyone reacts to your news.It’s possible that even if your family and friends heard you, they might not be ready to understand what you’re saying.

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Bisexuality refers to one’s capacity to form physical, romantic, and/or emotional attractions to the same, other, or more than one gender, not presuming non monogamy.