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Beth ehlers dating murray

Colin Hurd, the founder and CEO of Smart Ag, said the innovative technology will allow farmers to automate their existing equipment and maximize its efficiency and capacity – regardless of manufacturer.

"Farming should no longer be defined by what the equipment industry decides is better or more profitable.

This software application fully automates a grain cart tractor, which provide farmers much needed assistance during the demanding harvest season.The producers spent countless hours documenting the experiences of biodiesel entrepreneurs in Texas, while advocates in Washington, D.C., come together to fight off a barrage of attacks from opponents more interested in protecting the status quo.I was proud of how they worked with New York City Council members and others to increase the use of Bioheat,” said Heermann.New York officials have also increased the use of biodiesel blends to fuel their fleet of diesel vehicles, including fire engines and other equipment they count on in emergencies, even in cold weather.“It says a lot that the fire department has enough faith in biodiesel to use it when they can’t afford to fail,” said Heermann.

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Other highlights for attendees include a session with the filmmakers who premiered “Hot Grease” at the prestigious DOC NYC film festival before its debut on the Discovery Channel last November.

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  1. On the down side, some of the direction was hackneyed: there were rather too many shots of Mrs Thatcher thundering down corridors while sinister orchestral music glowered in the background, as if she were Darth Vader rather than Prime Minister.