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Aunties looking to free fuck

Now I’ve only seen you a little when you spied on me from your bedroom winddow and although I realised you were wanking yourself off I haven’t seen you do it properly.

So get those trousers and underpants off and show me how hard I’ve made your cock’.

I simply nodded my approval and shifted in my seat slightly as my erect cock was getting slightly uncomfortable. The other woman Jean was sitting on a bed and auntie Maureen and her husband Tony were kneeling either side of her and sucking her nipples. I could also clearly see that auntie Maureen had a hand in between Jean’s legs. Jean and Tony were sucking her tits and this time auntie was playing witth Tony’s erect cock. Auntie Maureen said, ‘This is turning me on too much, I feel so horny.

She said, ‘I think you’ve realised by now that uncle never appears in any of the photos - he just likes to take the photos’. Auntie Maureen said, ‘Oh God, even now it turns me on just remembering how good it was’. Look I know what you got up to when you called in here everyday.

They both came round and thanked me for looking after the cat. Her face was well made up with a bright red lipstick and lipgloss. She wore high heel black shoes that clicked noisily along the uncarpeted hallway. We went into the large lounge and we sat side by side on the sofa.

I hid behind the curtain making sure she couldn’t see me and then played with myself and made myself cum. When they were about to go on holiday, auntie Maureen asked if I would go round to their house each day and feed their cat. The first day I quickly fed the cat and went upstairs to their bedroom.I came into Maureen’s knickers again although this time some of it seeped onto the bedclothes. Needless to say I was soon playing with myself again.I made a mental note to make sure I cleaned it all up. For the rest of the time they were on holiday I spent a lot of time nosing around their bedroom.I blushed heavily and said, ‘Oh auntie, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do it. I followed her into her bedroom - the same room I had wanked myself off many times over the past two weeks. There were so many off them that turned me on that I couldn’t choose.I just happened to see your photos and couldn’t help myself’. Auntie Maureen sat on the bed and opened the bedside cabinet and took out the photos I had already seen. I told her this, so she just lay them all around her on the bed and said, ‘Right, now it’s aunties turn to look at you.

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