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Amul shrikhand online dating

Its “I’m loving it” theme cuts across all age groups.To encourage entire families to come over, the QSR chain is now planning to put nutritional values as per age groups on the wrappers of each product.Add to that, Domino’s value for money USP and the management is confident of keeping Pizza Hut away.Once restricted to just Hrithik and Aamir, Coke has moved ahead with times.Its new theme, the ‘Coke side of life’ is now about friends & families connecting & sharing.With the holiday season just round the corner - companies too are realising that making families eat together makes more money for them.

Small wonder that today people are increasingly realising the importance of family, even as they fight the 24X7 busy lifestyle.Similarly, overburdened and guilty parents find it imperative to take kids along on vacations.All travel agents with vacation plans that include and entertain children, find their businesses booming now.Going the family way A whole lot of marketers are flocking to the virtual world and marketing their products on various websites, but advertisers have discovered a new trend, a new way of attracting consumers. With even children bemoaning the lack of family time, this is one theme which today is attracting consumers like never before.Everyone is frantically looking for some way in which they may squeeze in quality ‘family’ time into their busy schedules.

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After all, as Indians we prefer to do everything with the family in tow.